I’ve got thyrotoxicosis!


So on the last day of January, I was diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis.

Lovely stuff.

I’ve had blood taken from me thrice in three weeks, had two ECGs done, and a chest X-Ray to boot.

It all began when I went for my regular visit to the psychiatrist and as I told her I’ve got a markedly elevated heart-rate, she looked worried and asked if I was anxious. I said I didn’t feel particularly anxious but she noticed I seemed to be.

She then asked a litany of questions:

“Do you feel hot all the time?”

“Yes. Hmmm, I thought that was because of the weather.”

“Have you lost a lot of weight?”

“Yes… I thought that was because of the Subway sandwiches I’ve been eating.”

“Have you got trembling limbs.”

“Yes, how did you know?!?! I was just about to tell you about that!”

So it seems like heat intolerance, rapid weight loss, and dyskinesia are all symptoms of thyrotoxicosis.

She promptly sent me off for a blood test, a thyroid panel and another, and did an ECG. 2 hours later, her suspicions proved to be true.

Then the waiting game started. I was told I’d be given a call real soon to make an appointment with an endocrinologist.


Two days later, someone called. It was my doctor. She asked how I was and I said the beta blockers slowed my heart down a little. But it went straight up once it wore off. She then asked if I’d gotten an appointment. “Nope, should I call them?”, I asked. She said I ought to.

So I did, only to be told that they would go about doing it soon.

And again the next week.

Then not long after, I admitted myself to KTPH’s A&E cos one day I had heart palpitations and breathing difficulties.

Had a cannula inserted by a handsome doctor and got some blood out again (Ouch, I hate needles!), took another ECG, then waited for the results to come out.

It turned out that my Thyroxine levels had halved but they upped the dose of what I was taking. Carbimazole 10mg thrice daily, and Propranolol 10mg four times daily if needed.

Cost a pretty penny it did.

Then I got a call from the hospital saying I got an appointment with an endocrinologist pushed forward 2 months to this week.

And I went to see the doctor yesterday. Lovely stuff.

Before I saw him, they took my blood again. Simply delightful.

And the doctor adjusted my dose, and guess what? He ordered yet another blood test to test for something else 5 weeks from now.

I guess I shouldn’t complain so much about needles cos it was a good thing they caught it early else I’d probably have bulging eyes and heart failure.

I think it was great that my psychiatrist was so sharp and caught it so quickly. Hurray to her! Hurray to good doctors! Hurray to subsidized healthcare!g


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