Losing a friend to suicide

I was notified of her death first thing this morning when I checked my phone. Not unlike how I received news of Chester Bennington’s death earlier this year.

I couldn’t quite process it at first, shortly after, I felt helpless and lay in bed as I whispered a prayer for her departed soul.

News of how she died continued streaming in my Whatsapp inbox throughout the day in a group chat I shared with some mutual friends.

She was the most bubbly girl I knew who loved to travel around the world, always regaling me with the adventures every time we met up.

I still can’t believe she’s gone.

It seemed like yesterday that I was just talking with her over dinner.

Turns out depression was the culprit. Years of therapy failed her.

My girlfriend played several sad pieces on her piano and I guess this blog is my outlet to help deal with this loss.

She was only 34.


One thought on “Losing a friend to suicide

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