Random, incoherent shouting on the MRT

As I was commuting the work today, I witnessed a random lady shouting out sentences that were incoherent.

She first approached two nurses and they calmly engaged her before she left. And then she resumed shouting after a while.

I was rather disturbed. And so were my fellow passengers on the MRT carriage I was in. We turned to look, but did nothing.

Truth be told, I felt rather helpless.

This continued for another half dozen stations before I alighted.

What could I have done? Reasoned with her? Would she listen to reason?

I wondered if her family members or friends knew about this. And even if they did, were they brave enough to confront her to seek treatment for whatever stressful situation she might have been in that triggered the random shouting?

Early intervention is key to preventing mental conditions from rapidly deteriorating. But do we have enough courage to accompany a loved one to a psychiatrist if he/she needs it?

I hope I’d be brave enough when the time comes.

And I hope you do too.


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