Review of Headspace, the meditation app


So I’ve just completed 10 days of meditation using Headspace on my iPhone (it’s also available on the Android platform) and I’d like to say a few things about it.

First off, even though I’ve had no anxiety issues, each time after I spend a mere 3 minutes using the app, I feel significantly calmer. I downloaded the app the night I had insomnia and thought using it might help. Even though I didn’t sleep right away, I felt my mind become clearer and my heart rate seemed to have slowed down immediately after that first session.

Pretty impressive stuff.

I tried as much as possible to do it consecutively, but failed once or twice. It didn’t matter. It was just as easy to get back into it even after missing a day or two.

The Beginner’s Basic trial pack involves 10 sessions of meditation, 3 minutes in length where you are guided by the voice of Andy Puddicombe¬†who speaks in an appropriately quiet and simple tone.

I liked that it was not linked to religion of any sort, so any one can get into it and benefit, regardless of any faith denomination they might belong to.

Now that the 10 day trial is over, I think I’ll be subscribing to continue this incredible experience. I also like how there are also packs targeted for a specific audience and they are namely the packs for “Anxiety”, “Stress”, “Sleep”, “Depression”, “Pregnancy”, “Cancer”, “Pain Management”, “Regret”, “Anger”, “Self-Esteem”, “Relationships” and many, many more.

The pricing is somewhat affordable, with the monthly subscription going at S$17.98, the yearly subscription at S$138.98 (which works out to S$11.58 per month) and a Forever subscription costing a one off payment of S$588.98

I might review those in the future if I ever try them out, so watch this space!

In conclusion, for those needing a bit of respite from the constant storm of thoughts in your mind, this might be the solution for you.


Note: This is not a replacement for treatment from a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor. Do seek help when you need to.


2 thoughts on “Review of Headspace, the meditation app

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Headspace, and agree with how calm it makes you feel. it is crazy how just a little bit each day helps you out. Also, once subscribed you will have access to singles, which include meditations for falling asleep. I have done that one a dozen times or so and almost never finish (because I fall asleep)! Thanks for sharing!


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