My last day in therapy

So the psychologist that I’ve been seeing at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital officially released me from therapy today. I guess that’s something to cheer about. We’d been discussing this a couple weeks before but I didn’t realise that this would be the last session until we discussed it when we met earlier.


I went to get a referral to see her in the beginning because I felt that my bipolar meds weren’t working, especially when I had an episode (both depression and mania). But subsequent chats with my psychiatrist convinced me that they did work. Nonetheless, I’ve learnt several helpful things with my psychologist:


It ended on a good note and she gave me an “Open Date Appointment” which meant that I could go visit her anytime within the next one year.


When I first started seeing my psychologist last year in August, I knew it would be helpful, but I did not expect to be completely blown away by the level of care and attention I’ve been given.


I would definitely encourage anyone in distress over their mental health to seek help with a psychiatrist and/or a psychologist and if money is an issue, get a referral from your polyclinic like I did.


And I’ll definitely recommend KTPH.


2 thoughts on “My last day in therapy

  1. hey Rach just saw ur post through the link u posted on facebook. although i cant fully understand what u went through, i feel so happy that your therapist has officially released you. i wish u full recovery. catch up soon!


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