Talking about anxiety and depression on YouTube

I’ve been following YouTube star charlieissocoollike since a year or two back after chancing on some of his videos while randomly surfing YouTube.


I subscribed because he struck me as a sort of witty dude who had an English accent to boot (I dig English accents).


But then he disappeared from YouTube.


Until now.


He posted a video detailing his experiences with anxiety and depression 3 weeks ago because “on YouTube there is only a certain kind of bumming out you’re allowed it seems”.


“And for a long time I sort of felt that those we sort of things that I was. I was just an anxious person. I was just a bit of a depressed person sometimes.”


“But I also kind feel like I wasn’t comfortable admitting that I had any real problems, you know? I honestly thought I was just being a bit whiny?”


“It’s not that I’m depressed, I’m just lazy. It’s not that I’m anxious, I’m just a bit scared and need to man up and deal with it.”


This was exactly how I felt when I was first diagnosed and I’m glad that he’s come out to talk honestly about dealing with anxiety and depression. With 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, he has a tremendous opportunity to spread the word and reduce the stigma still attached to mental illness in this modern day and age.


He admitted that when he first started sharing on Twitter about it, he thought he’d be helping people. But instead, he received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement that he’s not gotten in a long time.


I believe that everyone has a story to share and every single one of them has the potential to bring change to someone’s life. Admitting you have a diagnosis of mental illness is like owning it and sharing one’s story brings hope to another who might otherwise be closeted in shame and fear.


So check out his video and I hope you’ll share it with someone today!


One thought on “Talking about anxiety and depression on YouTube

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