A cure for insomnia (Part 3) – Sleep with me podcast

It was 2:42 am and I was still awake, lying in bed scrolling Facebook after I was done with Instagram and Snapchat.


It was then that I chanced upon this article by The New Yorker that heaped praises on the Sleep with me podcast hosted by Drew Ackerman.


“No harm trying,” thought I, and promptly downloaded it.


The first 10 minutes were advertising by the founder and host but it was pretty calming and the slow drawl was surprisingly soothing.


When he started the podcast proper, I was prepared for a long and meandering story. In the beginning, I followed his introduction pretty closely, alert and interested in what he had to say.


The next thing I knew, it was 10 in the morning.


Wow. I was pretty impressed with this. Maybe I’ll try this the next time I can’t sleep.


You can download the Sleep With Me podcast here and also check out A cure for insomnia (Part 1) and A cure for insomnia (Part 2).


Hope it helps you to sleep!


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