An unexpected discussion on suicide

I attended cell group last night and was thankful that as we broke into pairs to share about our individual encounters with God, that someone finally shared that she once had suicide ideation. 
I’m thankful because it gave me permission to share that two weeks ago, I had similar thoughts and for all the many good friends I’d made in church, I told not a single soul. Only my partner knew. And it was only because of the impact it would make on my students and on my partner that I resisted throwing myself off a building. 
After talking through it, I feel much better this week and am able to identify the triggers. I’m also glad that my sharing in cell group was met not with platitudes but with understanding nods from someone who’d been through it and who sometimes still encounters dark periods where the temptation to end it all rears its ugly head. 
Suicide is a topic that should be openly and frankly discussed considering how Singapore can be a stressful city to live in. Teen suicide is a big deal and not enough discussion is taking place. I believe that education on this issue is sorely needed in schools, workplaces and churches. Frank and honest sharing help people obtain tools to come with depression and life’s stressors. 
I just read a study on suicide research in Singapore and it was woefully short and lacking in data on teen suicide. But one thing it did mention was that for those aged 24 and below, examinations and boy-girl relationships were stressors and potential triggers for suicide.
I tried to download an suicide-prevention app called “Stay Alive” but was unable to do so. It’s developed in the UK and seems really useful. Anyone who’s used it do let me know more about it? I think the Singapore Health Promotion Board would do well to develop something like this. 

If you’re feeling suicidal in Singapore, do call the Samaritans of Singapore at 1800 221 4444. 

Your life is precious and I hope to meet you one day. 

P.S. Sorry for the scattered thoughts. Just thought I’d put this out there. 


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