The things I am grateful for

Dear Diary,
I thought being depressed, this would be a good day to list down a couple of things I’m grateful for. 
1. I’m grateful for the psychologist I saw at KTPH this morning. We had an initial assessment and will proceed with some form of CBT in subsequent sessions. 
2. I’m grateful for my friend Nicole who came over to KTPH after my session with the psychologist to just catch up with me and to just “be there”. It’s a nice feeling to know that one is supported in this journey battling mental health issues. 
3. I’m grateful for my 11 friends I texted last Thursday when my mood was stuck in the bottom of an abyss who prayed for me and asked after me. It’s good to reach out to friends who care. 
4. I’m grateful I’ve a roof over my head, a bed to lie on, and good food to eat. My basic necessities are met on a daily basis and for these little luxuries of life I’m grateful for. 
5. I’m grateful for my kind psychiatrist who’s been treating me the past 5 years. He’s a great guy. 
6. I’m grateful for the Deanxit I take every night. I think this mood stabiliser has helped temper the mood swings by quite a fair bit. 
7. I’m grateful for the many books I’m reading, especially Darkness is my only companion by Kathryn Greene-McCreight who provides a great insight into the life of a Christian who has got bipolar disorder dealing with not only the fallout from the illness, but the effect her faith has on her journey as well. I can relate to lots of what she says. Review coming up soon. 
8. I’m grateful for Singapore with the fantastic healthcare infrastructure it has got in place to support someone like me. 
9. I’m grateful for my phone where I can blog this without having to turn on my computer. 
10. I’m grateful for my job that helps pay the medical bills among other things and one that has flexible enough hours to allow me to see the doctor and the psychologist during office hours. 
Okay I think here’s a good place to stop. 
Cya later folks!


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