First appointment at KTPH

Dear Diary,

So my appointment was this morning at Clinic 23, Level 2 at Tower C of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH). I arrived at 10.15am just before my appointment at 10.30am. I waited a mere half hour before I saw the doctor, a great improvement from my polyclinic experience.
The doctor was asked what she could do for me and I told her I’d like to see a psychologist to explore psychotherapy to manage my mood. She then took a most thorough medical history and then ordered a thyroid test for me.
It turns out that for bipolar patients, especially females, an underlying thyroid condition might cause them to be slightly more excitable. Treating the thyroid condition would then manage the mania. Interesting.
The senior staff nurse that took my blood was brisk and efficient. She even apologized just before poking me. It was over before I knew it and the needle-poking was a mere (pardon the cliché) ant-bite. Now I must say that previous experiences with needles have been more like hamster bites than ant bites. I keep a hamster at home so I know what I’m talking about. Anyway, the nurse laughed when I pointed out this analogy.
The consultation and thyroid cost $69.70 after a Government Subsidy of the same amount. I realized I’d just seen a Senior Consultant when I received the receipt. How privileged! The first appointment with the clinical psychologist cost $85, with a discount of the same amount. The total amount I had to pay was $154.70, exactly half of what I would have paid without the subsidies. So I guess the polyclinic referral did so the trick. And yay Singapore.
I popped by the restroom before leaving and was amused by this:

I reckon only Singaporeans would get this.
In any case, I was most impressed by the quality of the service provided at KTPH and look forward to my first appointment with the psychologist on the 26th.
Till then, take care!


3 thoughts on “First appointment at KTPH

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