Awake at 1.22am

Dear Diary,

You would think that with the many years of experience I have with caffeine that I would be a bit wiser than to buy a bottle of Earl Grey Milk Tea from 7 Eleven at 7.30pm and gulp it all down in place of dinner because I had to work.

So now, instead of falling soundly to sleep at 12am (my regular time for turning in) I’m awake an hour an a half later, blogging away after reading two essays by Wendell Berry.

This is the book in question and I must say it really is intriguing.
Having grown up in a city surrounded with skyscrapers and concrete ever since I was born, it must be a rather strange proposition to want to live on a farm. But I do find the prospect of farming rather charming. Although judging from the land prices here in sunny Singapore (a four room apartment can cost up to S$500,000), it would take nothing short of a miracle for me to buy enough land to own a farm. Give and take S$10 million perhaps? Then again, God specializes in miracles.
So day dreams aside, I must say that one of the reasons why I’ve not learnt from my mistake of avoiding caffeine might perhaps be because there are times when I drink coffee or tea at a rather late hour and fall promptly asleep when my head hits the pillow. Although that is the exception rather than the norm. Ah well. I must qualify that I never thought the milk tea Pokka produced would be as strong as a cup of regular Earl Grey in keeping me awake. You’d think that the stuff in bottles are more diluted. Well, this certainly isn’t.
I remember the day (or night rather) when drinking a delicious Venti Green Tea Latte from Starbucks at 4pm kept me up till 2am in the morning.
Yes. Green tea powder contains caffeine. You can quote me on that.
It’s ridiculous how sensitive my body is to caffeine.
Anyway, on a more positive note, I received an electronic appointment notice from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to see a psychiatrist next Monday. Things are so high-tech these days that receptionists are made redundant. They sent me an SMS earlier today to remind me of my appointment and I could reply “1” to confirm, “2” to cancel appointment and “3” to change appointment. I am thoroughly impressed. I of course replied with “1”.
Okay, that’s enough rambling for now. I shall read a couple more pages and then attempt to sleep so that I’ll be able to get up early tomorrow. Ttfn!


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