Managing my mania

Dear Diary,

This is how I managed my hypomania this 2015. When I felt it coming on just this past Sunday (decreased need for sleep, creative flight of ideas, being more energetic than usual), I texted a couple of my close and trusted friends to pray for me.

I suppose the prayers worked because today I feel much less manic than usual. Or perhaps it was what I did in the intervening days.

1. Sleep

I inadvertently stumbled upon a “cure” as I read my books lazily on my bed for the past few days. As I start work in the afternoon, I decided to indulge myself and started reading some books that just came in the mail (thank you Book Depository!). As I did so, I gradually succumbed to sleep. Every single day, without fail. I suppose that’s what happens when you lie on your bed to read. In any case, I found that that really helped. A lot. So I ought to do this more often.

2. Coffee

I swore off coffee for the past 5 days (except today, whoops!) because I thought the 2 cups each on Saturday and Sunday probably contributed to the spike in energy and mood. I guess that probably worked. Especially when I had strong coffee from Subway on Saturday morning and a lovely Ristretto Bianco from Starbucks on Sunday morning after a cuppa instant coffee at home. Just today, shortly after I drank instant coffee, I had a bout of diarrhoea. Coincidence? I think not.

3. Falling sick

It seems almost inevitable that when I become manic I get sick. Due to exhaustion from running about everywhere. But this time it was food poisoning. I vomited quite a bit on Monday night and cancelled some of my work appointments on Tuesday because my stomach was still upset. This helped me get some rest which probably alleviated my mania.

4. Reading/Relaxing

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to check myself into one of Singapore’s finest libraries to read a book on Music Therapy that I was interested in. As I sat down there after lunch reading, occasionally admiring with the killer view and soft music, I eventually fell asleep. 

But I realised that the 2 hours there really calmed me down after a stimulating experience at church where I was positively buzzing with business ideas for my new venture.

5. Doubling my dosage

Because seeing my psychiatrist is so expensive (S$90 consultation plus extra for medication), I decided to increase my dosage from one pill / two pills on alternate nights, to two pills every night. That was what my doctor told me to do in any case. I guess it helped. But then again, I am quite skeptical of medication, but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. (Note: Please do not double your dosage if your doctor has not told you to do so.)

I am putting all these here in the hopes that the next time I become manic again, I’ll look back at this post and remind myself some of the possible steps I can take to manage it.

Peace out.


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